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Coaching For Sales Managers

For three decades, I have watched owners struggle with ineffective sales managers. Whether they are promoted from within, or hired from outside, too often owners accept disappointing results year after year, until a crisis of confidence leads to termination. To address this, I have developed a 3-day, one-on-one coaching program for sales managers, which will result in improved effectiveness, and increased sales and profits.

      Here is what the program looks like:

Day 1

Owner and coach meet for up to two hours to assess needs, set goals and develop a performance plan for the sales manager. The sales manager then joins us, the process is discussed and the sales manager is handed off to the coach. The rest of Day 1, the coach and sales manager work together to:

  • Give the sales manager the performance feedback and discuss goals
  • Discuss the coaching process and the performance plan
  • Do an analysis of each of the members of the sales team
  • Develop individual performance improvement plans

Day 2

Day 2 is devoted to training and coaching the sales manager, who will learn and apply the best management tools and techniques available. This includes active learning, discussion, role playing, and critique.

  • Expectations Flow Chart
  • The One-on-One Employee Management model
  • The Accountability Conversation
  • Managing the Resistant Employee
  • Behavior modification: because it works!
  • The “Value-Added” Sales Manager

Day 3

On the last day, the sales manager and consultant meet with each sales person to:

  • Introduce the One-on-One Management model
  • Conduct the first accountability meeting to review expectations, address the improvement plan, and move each sales person towards success, one person at a time.
  • The consultant observes and give on-the-spot coaching

At the end of the third day, the owner, sales manager and consultant meet to review the coaching plan. The final steps are to set up the owner’s plan to ensure accountability and to schedule free follow-up phone coaching with the sales manager to provide on-going support.

In just three days, you will see a quantum improvement in the confidence and competence of one of your most important assets: your sales manager


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