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Document Management Training

Developing Strategic Proposals That Sell

Invest in the best that the industry has to offer from DocuAudit International. For over 8 years we have been providing innovative sales processes and power tools to sales forces in the copier and printer industries.

  • Change low profit, product oriented price quotations into high impact consultative proposals
  • Learn closing presentations that create competitive distinction and enable salespeople to hold
    more gross profit in each transaction.

Proposal Wizard provides a fully automated proposal generator that can be used for everything from upgrading existing copiers to the profitable selling opportunities that right sizing printer fleets presents.

The Proposal Wizard seminar will prompt your salespeople in the consultative selling process and equip them with the knowledge and tools to transcend selling single boxes to selling multiple MFP solutions. Participants will also learn how to protect your customer base by providing turn key solutions for cost per page printer management programs.

In Proposal Wizard, attendees will learn how to leverage existing relationships to gain access to C-level decision makers. Where no current relationship exists, participants will learn how to set appointments with these decision makers using our proven prospecting approach.

Salespeople will learn how to present the business case for creating a strategy to manage and “right size” the document output fleet. Participants will also learn how to investigate the prospect’s print environment and related operating costs and identify selling opportunities for multiple document devices and related suites of services.

Benefits of our “Salesware”

  • Data collected utilizing FM Audit, Print Fleet and most of the available data collection
    software can be automatically imported into Proposal Wizard.
  • An internal database of printers automatically populates information regarding purchase
    and supply costs.
  • Proposal Wizard automatically packages your equipment, printer management or a
    combination of both proposals into a full-color, high-impact deliverable.
  • Proposal Wizard cost justifies your solutions in a current state versus proposed
    state comparison.
  • Proposal Wizard summarizes the benefits your proposal provides and prompts your
    salespeople to open the closing conversation with our Implementation Agenda that
    leads to accelerating the decision-making process and closing the sale.

      Training Deliverables

These tools will prompt and support your sales people in getting the training out of the classroom and into the customer's office.

  • Comprehensive courseware kit
  • Field Tool Kit includes
    • Supporting white papers
    • Telemarketing scripts for prospecting to "C"-level decision makers
    • Customer Right Sizing and Printer Management presentations
    • Interview questionnaires
    • TCO discovery tools and data gathering templates
  • Proposal Wizard software license
  • Sample proposals

Proposal Wizard is a two-day seminar combining lecture, interactive exercises, and software lab that will equip participants to implement the concepts and tools presented immediately upon returning to the field.

Click here for a sample proposal

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Click here for a Proposal Wizard course agenda

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